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Bastian Hodapp: Software Developer

About me

I'm Bastian, a software developer from Germany. While my current focus is Full Stack Web Development (buzz word bingo, woop woop), I've dabbled in Game Development, Embedded Programming, Home Automation and other fields of IT before. I love to learn about new technologies and clean and structured code is very important to me.

I enjoy using tools to improve code quality like ESLint or Prettier. For my private projects like this website, I mostly use Vue.js and TypeScript. Improving and reducing the deploy time of my projects using CI/CD tools like GitHub Actions and GitLab CI/CD is something I like a lot.

Read more about my work experience and education on my LinkedIn profile.


My educational steps, from latest to oldest:

Master of Science
(Computer Science / Informatik)

HFU Furtwangen

Mar 2022 - Sep 2023

Grade: 1.6
Topic of Master's Thesis: "RSSI-based Localization in LoRaWAN networks"

Bachelor of Science
(Computer Science in Media / Medieninformatik)

HFU Furtwangen

Mar 2016 - May 2020

Grade: 1.5
Topic of Bachelor's Thesis: "Development of a Laravel-based WebApp for an Embedded Energy Monitoring System"

Bachelor of Science (Computer Science in Economics, not finished)

DHBW Lörrach

2015 - 2018

Not finished

Abitur (High School Diploma)

Martin-Schongauer-Gymnasium Breisach

Grade: 1.8

Work Experience

My work experience, from latest to oldest:

Junior Software Developer

Nesto Software GmbH

Sep 2023 - Current

Full-Stack Web Developer

Compaile Solutions GmbH

Aug 2021 - Aug 2023

Marketing Team / Web Developer

United Planet GmbH

Sep 2019 - Sep 2020

Software Developer
(Co-Op / Duales Studium)

HRworks GmbH

Sep 2015 - Feb 2019

Favorite Technologies

Here are some of my favorite technologies I like to use and/or work with:

About this website

This website was built using Nuxt.js 3, which uses Vue.js - my favorite and most regularly used frontend JS framework. For the design, I'm using UnoCSS, a Tailwind-like CSS framework. Using GitHub actions, changes that are committed to the main branch are automatically deployed to my webhoster using an FTP deployment action.

To ensure code consistency and quality, I use ESLint and Prettier. I also use husky.js to check my code through these code quality tools before every commit that is made.