My story of how I first got into contact with programming begins quite some time ago, when a friend of mine one day brought a book about programming in Basic into school with him. This is where my journey to make my own little programs and games began.

After doing some stuff in Basic, I began getting more interested in game development and found the Love2D Game Engine. It uses Lua as its programming language. With it, I did one of my first, more “finished” (big quotes) games – Octopussy’s Revenge.

Fun fact: Back then, I had no clue about what OOP (Object-oriented programming) was, so the half-finished game had 3.000 lines of code in a single file…

When I was working at my former workplace, HRworks, however, I quickly learned those principles by programming with the programming language Smalltalk which is basically the incarnation of all the OOP principles.


During the summer semester 2019, from 31.05. to 02.06.19, I participated in a Game Jam, where we programmed a game in a team of five with the theme “[Genre] without [Mechanic]”.

Out take on this theme was “First-person without perspective projection” – a very abstract choice on the first glance. What came out of it is the magnificently confusing little game “Egorth” (Ego orthographic), in which you have to navigate levels with an orthographic camera.

you can see the code and download the game on GitHub:

Octopussy's Revenge

Octopussy's Revenge Titelbild. Weltraumhintergrund mit Monstern drauf.

My first project, together with a friend was a sidecrolling 2D “space shooter”. Nothing too fance, but great practice for both of us. Here, you can download a version of the game. It’s missing progression and basically everything, but it has functional gameplay as well as nice sounds,graphics and multiple weapons!

You can find the source code here.

Fast Tunnel Reloaded

Being the bored pupil in high school that I was, I programmed a small miniature project a few years back – a clone of a game that existed on our TI-84 plus calculators: Fast Tunnel Reloaded

Fast Tunnel Reloaded Screenshot